Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird can configure the inbound email settings separate from the outgoing mail. To configure the incoming email server:

1. Access the Tools | Account Settings menu
2. Select Add Account
3. Select the Email account option in the Account Wizard window that appears and select Next
4. Enter name and e-mail address and select Next
5. Select whether to use POP or IMAP protocol and enter the incoming email mail servers. E.g. mail.[mydomainname].com, then select Next
6. Specify your Incoming User Name and select Next. (User Name is formatted as mailboxname@postofficename)
7. Enter the account name for this account select Next
8. Select Finish

Now to set the outgoing mail server details:

9. Access the Tools | Account Settings menu.
10. Select the Outgoing Server (SMTP) item in the list box
11. Enter the server name of the outgoing mail server. E.g.: mail.[mydomainname].com
12. Enable the username and password checkbox and enter the username (username is formatted as mailboxname@postofficename)
13. For the Use secure connection option, select No
14. Select OK to save changes.