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ClamAV Antivirus Filtering
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ClamAV Antivirus Filtering

MailEnable incorporates ClamAV Integrated Antivirus Scanning as an out-of-box integrated Antivirus scanning solution. An added installation option has been added to the MailEnable component installation window. Enabling the ClamAV installation option will automate the installation and setup of the ClamAV Antivirus software and the MailEnable Antivirus filter by performing the following tasks:

Note: If ClamAV Antivirus filtering services are installed on the server prior to running the MailEnable ClamAV installer then the MailEnable installer will bypass the ClamAV installation step and try to use the currently installed ClamAV service.
  1. Install the ClamAV Antivirus files to the following path: Mail Enable\Antivirus\ClamAV
  2. Add the following registry branch for the MailEnable Antivirus plug-in window containing the ClamAV parameters: (64bit Windows)HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Mail Enable\Mail Enable\Agents\MTA\Filters\MEAVCLM - (32Bit Windows) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mail Enable\Mail Enable\Agents\MTA\Filters\MEAVCLM
  3. Downloads the latest ClamAV antivirus database definitions by calling the the ClamAV freshclam.exe service.


After installation you will need to create a global filter to determine what to do with messages that are detected by ClamAV.