MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Administration / Localhost - General
In This Topic
    Localhost - General
    In This Topic

    General Server Configuration Options are located under the properties of the Server name localhost to manage the local server.  These settings are specific to the server that is selected. 

    The General tab specifies a default post office for the server and shows post office bindings to IP addresses.



    Enable Default Post Office

    Specify the default post office for your server. This means that any username that only has the mailbox name will be assumed to be from the default post office.  E.g. the user will only need to use sales to log on with.

    Enable post office bindings

    It is possible to bind each MailEnable post office to a particular IP address on the network card. The advantage of this is:

    • Users only need to use their mailbox name to log-in if they connect to the bound IP address. 
    • The SMTP welcome message when a connection is made to the server can indicate a domain for the postoffice.
    • The postoffice can have its own SSL certificate.                           
    • Outbound email can be smarthosted through a specific IP address. This is useful when you need to filter outbound email for a particular customer. 
    Bind outgoing messages where possible Outbound emails for users of this postoffice will be sent through the bound IP address.
    Enable Provisioning

    When provisioning is enabled when a postoffice is created you will be able to have the administration program create any of these items:

    • A webmail site in the format webmail.domain (if Microsoft DNS is configured locally, the DNS entry will also be made)
    • A web administration site  in the format webadmin.domain (if Microsoft DNS is configured locally, the DNS entry will also be made)
    • Exchange ActiveSync configured for the domain
    • Website for the domain (an IIS site will be created and the www.domain will be added if Microsoft DNS configured locally)