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    Localhost - Auth Policies
    In This Topic

    The server authentication policies allows you to restrict login attempts to any mail service to specific countries. The connecting IP address is checked against a country database and will either be blocked or allowed to perform a login attempt. This option can increase security by restricting all login attempts to within your own country.



    Enable location services for filtering and authentication Enable this so that emails will be marked with location for filtering and authentication.

    Enable country authentication restrictions

    Country login restrictions are able to be set on a global, postoffice or mailbox level. You are able to set this to be global for all logins, or allow postoffices to configure their own country settings.

    Stop connections from the countries below authenticating. All other countries can authenticate.

    There are two modes available for determining whether a person in a country can authenticate. You can either block specific countries or allow specific countries. Selecting this option allows you to block individual countries.

    Only connections from the countries selected below can authenticate.

    Select this option when you just want to select the countries that are able to log in.


    This is the country list where you can select which countries apply to the above settings.

    Allow valid postoffice domain aliases in usernames By default users have to authenticate using mailbox@postoffice. This option allows users to use any of the domains mapped to their mailbox as well as postoffice name. So if a mailbox called 'john' is under a postoffice that has two domains and then they can use either or as their username.