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Localhost - Autodiscovery
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Autodiscovery is where email clients are able to easily able to determine the settings for an email account just by the email address and password of the user. Using the domain in the email address they request what server settings are required for the client. Microsoft Outlook supports this for configuring IMAP/SMTP accounts and most mobile devices support this for ActiveSync configuration. When using autodiscover for Microsoft Outlook it will only be able to determine the settings if the postoffice name matches the domain name of the email address, as it has to authenticate.




Enable iOS publishing for this server

Enabling this will display a link on the webmail login page for iOS users that will allow them to have their email accounts automatically configured. When users click the link on an iOS device it will prompt the user which services to configure and then transfers these settings to the client.

Automatically detect Autodiscovery settings

If the domain for the user does not have autodiscovery settings, this will will use the current server settings to build the autodiscover information for the iOS device.


Removes the currently selected protocol setting for autodiscovery.


Edits the currently selected protocol setting for autodiscovery.

Add Adds another service settings for autodiscovery.
Detect This will create default autodiscovery settings which match how the mail services are configured. This can be used as a starting point for further editing.