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Real time protection
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Some antivirus agents cannot exclude directories or file types from their real time protector. Problems may occur if real-time virus protectors are not prevented from monitoring and protecting critical MailEnable directories. Depending on what the server is being used for, it may be better disable real time protectors because they drastically inhibit disk IO. An option is to schedule scans rather than using the real-time protector. The following table outlines the current features of leading antivirus manufacturers with respect to configuring real-time virus protection/IO monitoring.



Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition

Can exclude directories and file types.

McAfee Virus Scan

Can exclude directories and file types.


Can exclude specific folders.


Can exclude directories and file types.


Can exclude directories and file types.


Can exclude directories and file types.

Note: Any errors or omissions in the above are unintentional. For accurate and up to date information it is recommended to consult the manual or web site of the respective antivirus software package. Whilst MailEnable provides a means for you to integrate Antivirus software, you should always check the licensing agreement supplied with the Antivirus software to determine any licensing constraints.