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SMTP - Outbound
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Maximum number of send threads

The number of threads that are used to send email.

Timeout for Remote Mail Servers

How long the SMTP service will wait for a response from a remote mail server before disconnecting.

Outgoing queue poll interval

How often the SMTP service polls the outgoing queue directory for mail messages to send. This is measured in seconds.

Limit outbound message size

Forces MailEnable to check the size of each message before delivering to a remote mail server. If the message cannot be delivered it will be returned to the sender (or sent to the bad mail directory if the message is system generated).

Outbound IP Binding

Forces the SMTP to use a specific IP address on the server when it is trying to deliver email.

Outbound TLS Will try and establish a connection with the remote server using TLS if the remote server supports TLS, otherwise will fall back to Non-TLS authentication. Requires that an SSL certificate has been setup and configured for the server. Please refer to Secure Sockets Leyer (SSL) encryption section of this manual.