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Structure of MailEnable
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Structure of MailEnable

MailEnable is comprised of Connectors, Agents and Services. The definitions of these components are described in the table below and in detailed in following sections.




Connectors move mail between systems or subsystems (local or remote)


Agents run perform specific management or operating functions for MailEnable itself. An example of an Agent is the Mail Transfer Agent. Its function is to move messages between connectors.


Services expose MailEnable functionality to external agents or programs. An example of a service is the POP3 service. This service allows mail clients to access mail from their post office.


Services allow external programs (usually email clients) to access the message store.

When a user wants to read email that has been sent to their mail server for handling, there are several mail services that can be used to retrieve the email messages so that the user can read them in their email client. These services include:

Each of these mail services is described in more detail in the Configuration of connectors, services and agents section.


Mail connectors move mail between systems or subsystems (local or remote). A mail connector allows MailEnable to send and receive mail messages to and from external systems. MailEnable has several mail connectors: SMTP, POP Retrieval, Post office and List server connectors.

SMTP connector

The SMTP connector is responsible for both receiving inbound SMTP mail and delivering outbound SMTP mail. 

Post office connector

The Post office connector is responsible for delivering mail to a post office.  It processes mailbox level filters, handles quotas, auto responders, delivery events, groups and redirections.

List server connector

The list server connector is responsible for receiving and delivering mail to users that are subscribed to the lists.

POP Retrieval connector

The POP Retrieval connector will download mail from a remote POP server and deliver to a local mailbox.


Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

The Mail Transfer Agent is responsible for moving messages between connectors. It also processes the pickup event and global filters.