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Synchronization - General
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The Synchronization Service provides extensions that allow clients to access and synchronize messaging data over an array of protocols. The service can handle SyncML, CalDAV, CardDAV and ActiveSync. CalDAV, CardDAV and ActiveSync can also be handled through IIS, which can give more flexibility for SSL and domain name configuration.


Setting Description

Inactivity timeout

Determines how long a connection will remain active for.

Service lists on port

The Synchronization service will listen for connections on this port.

Also listen on alternate port

The Synchronization service will also listen for connections on this port.

Enable Basic authentication

Allow connections to use Basic authentication.

Enable Digest authentication

Allow connections to use Digest authentication. Digist authentication should be disabled if you wish to use Windows authentication.

IP Binding

It is possible to select the IP addresses that the Synchronization service will be bound to. On a multi-homed machine you may only wish to allow connections on particular IP addresses. Always bind all IPs will allow connections on all IP addresses that are configured for the machine.

Allow IPvp client connectivity Allow connections using IPv6.