MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Services and Connectors / CalDAV/CardDAV
In This Topic
    In This Topic

    MailEnable's Synchronization Service provides both CalDAV and CardDAV protocols. These standard protocols allow email clients to access mailbox calendars and contacts. To access either the calendar or contacts the client is configured with a URL. It is also possible to configure the clients to access another user's calendar or contacts by specifying their username in the URL, provided you have been given access. 

    How to Enable CalDAV/CardDAV

    1. Expand the following location within the administration console: Servers > localhost > Services and Connectors
    2. Right click on CalDAV/CardDAV icon and select Properties from the popup menu
    3. Select the option Enable CalDAV/CardDAV support and iCalendar hosting 
    4. If you wish to use Microsoft IIS to provide CalDAV and CardDAV services, then enable the Publish in IIS checkbox




    Option Description
    Enable CalDAV/CardDAV support and iCalendar hosting This enables the CalDAV and CardDAV protocols.
    Publish in IIS These protocols can be accessed by connecting to the synchronisation service directly, or through IIS. When you access the service directly, it is usually using a port number other than port 80 in order to avoid conflicting with IIS. When you enable this option it allows you to access the protocols through the MailEnable Protocols website which is configured under IIS. This gives more flexibility, as you can have multiple host names, SSL certificates, access over port 80/443, etc.