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The XMPP service is responsible for the chat services on the mail server. It handles connections from the chat feature in the webmail as well as for third party applications with XMPP support. Some of the popular chat clients are:

The XMPP service listens on all IP addresses configured on the server on port 5222 (the default for XMPP) and if TLS is enabled, will use the SSL certificate that is configured under the localhost settings.


Configuring SRV records for the XMPP service can help clients get the correct settings for a domain. The SRV record you would add for this looks like: TTL IN SRV priority weight 5222 target


name is the origin domain

priority is used if you have more than one server (weight is used if two servers have the same priority)

target is where the client needs to connect to


An example would be: TTL IN SRV 5 0 5222