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    IMAP - General
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    The setup of IMAP is relatively simple, as it is a service that is bound to a listening port similar to HTTP.  The IMAP service listens on this port and receives mail and various commands from the server.  It is important to enable the default port of 143 on the firewall or any other port number stipulated in the General properties of the IMAP service. To help in server traffic and load, also stipulate which IP address to bind the service to. 

    Within the Administration Console navigate to the following location: Servers > Localhost > Services and Connectors branch, right click on the IMAP icon and select Properties from the popup menu. The General tab options are explained below:



    IMAP service listens on port

    Port for listening on. Default is 143.

    Requires SSL (Default Port)

    This will enable SSL encryption for the default port that IMAP is running on.  Place a tick in this box to enable the service. This also has to be enabled at a server level in the MailEnable Administration program under  Servers >Localhost Properties > SSL tab.

    Also listen on alternate port

    An alternate port can be selected.

    Requires SSL(Alternate Port)

    This will enable SSL encryption for the alternate port that IMAP is running on.  The default port number is 993. A certificate needs to be selected at a server level under Servers > Localhost Properties > SSL tab.

    Client Connections

    Select either an unlimited number of client connections, or specify a maximum number of concurrent connections that the service will allow. Specifying a maximum number of connections may reduce server load by limiting the threads that IMAP can use. Be aware that IMAP clients can open multiple connections to the server for the same mailbox.

    Timeout for idle connections

    If this setting is enabled and a client connection has not passed any commands to the server for the set period of time, the connection will be dropped by the server. 

    Inbound IP Bindings

    It is possible to select the IP addresses that the POP service will be bound to. On a multi-homed machine it may be desirable to only allow connections on particular IP addresses. ‘Always bind all IPs’ will allow connections on all IP addresses that are configured for the machine.

    Allow IPv6 client connectivity Supports accepting connections using IPv6.