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The General options for the Mail Transfer Agent are outlined in the following table:



Inbound mail max. delivery time

If a message is let a inbound queue for too long without being marked as ready for delivery, then the MTA service will forcibly try to deliver the message after this time.

Maximum threads

The number of concurrent threads that will be used to move emails around. Some command line virus checkers do not function correctly with multiple instances running, so the MTA can be restricted to using one thread to resolve this.

Enable pickup event

Executes a program or application when mail arrives. MailEnable will pass the mail message filename to the application. For example, if you write a VB script that adds some text to the end of each email that gets delivered, you would enable the pickup event. The command line used to execute the application is:

program messagefilename connectortype

Where program is the program filename, messagefilename is the name of the message file and connectortype is the type of messages (i.e. SMTP, LS, SF). Be aware that the directory path to the message is not passed to the program.  The directory path will need to read from the registry in the program file.

Process pickup after filters instead of before Normally the pickup event is processed before the global filters, which includes antivirus. This option allows the pickup event to execute after filters (which may delete or alter the emails).

Advanced Logging

Produces a debug and activity log for the service. Use this to obtain more details about what the service is doing.