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Mailbox - Auth Policies
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Authentication restrictions allow you to limit authentication of mailboxes by country. This limitation can help avoid abuse and access to email data.




Stop connections from the countries below authenticating. All other countries can authenticate.

This is used to select which specific countries are going to be blocked from authenticating. The blocked countries have to be individually selected.

Only connections from the countries selected below can authenticate.

This is used to select which countries are allowed to authenticate. All others will be blocked.


Select the countries that apply to authentication restrictions.

Allow E-mail addresses for usernames

By default, usernames for the mail server are formatted as mailbox@postoffice. In some cases you may wish to allow users to log in with mailbox@domain where domain is one of the domains associated with the postoffice.

Two factor authentication means that users need to use two methods of authentication to log into their webmail account.

Never prompt

Two factor authentication is disabled

Prompt Always

Everytime a login is done in webmail, two-factor authentication is required.

Prompt For New IP Address

If the connection to webmail is from a different IP address than the last login, two factor authentication is required.

Prompt For New Country

If the connection to webmail is from a different country (determined by the last IP address) then two-factor authentication is required.

Address Type

There are two types of two-factor authentication methods available:

Google Authenticator (or other TOTP Client)

Google Authenticator or another TOTP client can be used for the two-factor authentication. If you select this option and it has not been configured before, then configuration is done on the first webmail login.

SMTP Address

An email is sent to an SMTP address with the required two-factor authentication code required for login.

Address If you have selected SMTP Address for the address type, enter the SMTP address here.
Reset If the mailbox has been configured for Google Authenticator or other TOTP client this will clear the settings for the user to configure it again.