MailEnable Professional Guide
Step 2: Collecting spam for auto-training
Message Filtering > Bayesian filtering > Configuring Bayesian Filtering > Step 2: Collecting spam for auto-training

By defining "honey pot" addresses, samples of spam email can be collected.  "Honey pot” addresses are addresses that are designed to collect spam. 

Collect spam by creating a catchall address.  Set up a mailbox address (e.g. as a catchall address.  This address will collect all emails for a domain that do not have a mapping to a mailbox.  The majority of mail in this mailbox will be spam, as spammers will often send to unknown addresses for a domain.  See the Create Domain section for more information on setting up a catchall. If manual training is being used on conjunction with auto-training,  the emails collected here should not be used for the manual training process. Also, since a catchall will collect a lot of email the mailbox will need to be purged often.