MailEnable Standard Guide
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    Domain - General
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    Domain is disabled

    Stops email being sent to the domain.

    Abuse Address

    Enter the email address or select the mailbox for the abuse@domain email address.

    Postmaster Address

    Enter the email address or select the mailbox for the postmaster@domain email address. This is a mandatory setting.

    Catchall Address

    A catchall address will collect all emails for a domain that do not have a mapping to a mailbox. Either select an existing mailbox, or enter another email address to act as the catchall. Implementing a catchall will capture more spam, so make sure this mailbox is monitored.

    Warning: It is advisable not to enter a remote email address or a local mailbox which is being redirected to a remote address as a catchall. Doing this will cause the server to on-send all the caught spam and is likely to result in blacklisting by the remote server and possibly putting the server on a global blacklist.

    When an inbound connection via SMTP is made and there are multiple recipients to addresses that are destined for a catchall mailbox, only one message is delivered to prevent multiple copies of the same email being delivered. Messages that are delivered to a catchall will have the recipient list in the Received header, or on the alternate catchall header line, if this is enabled.

    Act as Smart Host

    Redirects all mail for the current domain to another mail server. This would be used if, for instance, the server was acting as a backup mail server for the domain. Specify a port number by adding a colon and port number after the IP address. e.g. Do not enter the IP address of your MailEnable server, as it will create a message loop (the mail server will send to itself) and messages will finally end up in the Bad Mail directory. See the Smart host section for more information on smart hosting.

    Use the ‘Only relay email from authenticated users’ option in order only to relay email from users that have met the SMTP relay option criteria. This can be used if a domain is configured to send to a specific relay server (e.g. you might configure the domain to relay through to another server for your users, but don’t want anyone to send messages through your server).