MailEnable Standard Guide
Administration / Mailbox configuration / Mailbox - Redirection
In This Topic
    Mailbox - Redirection
    In This Topic

    The redirection tab sets redirections for a specific mailbox to be forwarded to one or more email addresses.



    Redirect this mailbox to

    Redirect all email for the mailbox to an alternative email address or addresses. To enable redirection, select the ‘Redirect this mailbox to’ checkbox. Select the Add button to add email addresses. If more than one email address is listed, the email will be copied to all of the addresses listed. There is a limit of approximately 25 email addresses that can be redirected to (the limit depends on the length of each email address). For a large number of redirections, use a group (see the Create a group section) - this allows an unlimited number of addresses.

    Keep a copy of the message in mailbox

    By default, when redirecting a mailbox to another email address a local copy is not retained. Enabling this option keeps a copy of all messages that are being redirected.