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Global Mailbox clean-up agent

To access the Global Mailbox clean-up agent, navigate to MailEnable Management  > Servers > localhost > Services > Management, select the Mailbox clean-up agent from the right panel. The Global Mailbox clean-up agent performs server-wide clean-up actions on system folders.  The agent be configured to automatically purge mail that is older than a set number of days. It is possible to purge the Bad Mail folder and Quarantine folder. For information on how to setup the mailbox cleanup agent for a postoffice please see Postoffice - Agents.




Enable Mailbox Clean-Up Agent on this server

Enables the Global Mailbox Clean-Up Agent and actions.

Polling interval for purging

Number of minutes between when the service will purge messages. In order to perform a purge, the service needs to examine each folder, and possibly emails for each user, which can be both time and resource intensive. It is recommended to time this so that it occurs only at off-peak times every few days, depending on the number of users configured on the server.

Properties (Folder clean up)

This can be set not to delete any unread messages and delete messages in folder over a specified number of days old.

Properties.. Used to open the properties window for each criteria. Highlight a criteria in the list and then click on the properties button. Alternatively you can double click on each criteria to open the same properties window.

Folder cleanup properties 

Settings Description
Delete Messages meeting the following criteria Enables the Mailbox Clean-Up Agent for the folder
Delete messages older than days The Mailbox Clean-Up Agent will delete any messages older then the specified value in days
Delete Unread Messages Enables the option for the Mailbox Clean-Up Agent to delete unread messages



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