MailEnable Enterprise Guide
How to enable the Web Administration interface

Web Administration is installed as an optional MailEnable component. The MailEnable installation program is configured to install web administration by default (i.e. it will only not be installed if you changed the options when you installed MailEnable). It is possible to validate whether web administration is installed by reviewing the MailEnable Diagnostic Report.

How to Enable the Web administration interface for a postoffice

  1. Navigate to the following location within the administration console: Messaging Manager > Postoffices > (Postofficename)
  2. Right click on the post office name, and select Properties in the menu.
  3. Next navigate to the Web Admin tab.
  4. Select the Enable web administration for post office checkbox.

It is now possible to configure the various options that the post office administrators can have access to. It is not recommended to give users the ability to add and edit domain properties, since changes or additions can cause problems with mail delivery.

Tip: Please refer to the Postoffice - Web admin section for information about web admin properties

How to configure a mailbox as an ADMIN or SYSADMIN user for the Web Administration interface

Once web administration is enabled, specify which of the mailboxes in the post office are able to act as administrators.

  1. Navigate to the following location within the administration console: Messaging manager > Postoffices > (post office name) > Mailboxes > (mailbox name)
  2. Right click on the mailbox name and select properties
  3. Use the drop down menu for the Mailbox Type: option and set the user as ADMIN or SYSADMIN (Enterprise only)
Note: A SYSADMIN user has the ability to administer all post offices on the server. SYSADMIN users are exclusive to the Enterprise and Enterprise Premium versions of MailEnable.



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