MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Import Windows users

Windows users can be imported into a MailEnable post office.  This will create a mailbox for each Windows user. To import users;

  1. Select the post office to import the users to
  2. Select either the icon for Import users, or right click the post office name, select All Tasks and then select Import Windows Users
  3. Select the Windows users to import
  4. Select whether to give them a specific quota, or allow them to have an unlimited amount of space
  5. The password for all selected users can be set to the same, or MailEnable can generate random passwords for users. If generating random passwords, it is possible to export a list of all the users and the passwords assigned
  6. By default, users are given an email address corresponding to a domain for the post office being imported into. Select the domain to assign email addresses for.  Mailboxes are automatically enabled when created.



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