MailEnable Enterprise Guide
MailEnable Diagnostic Utility

The MailEnable Diagnostic Utility checks the installation for system errors or warnings. The Diagnostic Utility also reports on the current system configuration. In most cases, the diagnostic report will provide enough information to determine whether the server is configured properly, or to diagnose system faults.

How to access the MailEnable diagnostic report

  1. Navigate within the MailEnable Program Group under ‘System Tools’ or;
  2. Navigate within the MailEnable Administration console under Servers>localhost>System>Diagnose or;
  3. Open a Windows "Run" command and type "mediag" (without quotes).

Once the Diagnostics Utility has been selected, it may take a few seconds to load (depending on the number of domains). A web page will be invoked and will give a test output of all services installed within the MailEnable program. In order to rerun the Diagnostic through the Administration program, right click on the Diagnose icon and select ‘Refresh’ from the popup menu. Below is an example of this test output and how it is displayed.  The ‘Refresh’ option can also be used if the page does not properly load.

The classes and test configurations that are run are as follows:



Version Information

Contains all required environment data and version information.

Configuration and Data Test

Verifies that all repository stores are valid and free from any corruptions or permissions errors.

Application Environment

Checks various system files on the server that MailEnable relies on.

System Services and Tests

A test on services and whether they are correctly installed and running.  Some services are not installed in all versions of MailEnable, and so therefore may fail this test. Click the Status link for confirmation of whether this is the case.

Queue Status

Calculation of the quantity of all inbound and outgoing emails is displayed here.

Host TCP/IP Settings

Basic check on IP and DNS configurations.

Network Interface Report

Check of all Network Interface Cards and validation of drivers.

Mail Transfer Agent

Reports details of the MTA service settings that can affect delivery and Antivirus/pickup event performance.

SMTP Configuration Test

Settings or properties of SMTP settings are defined. Checks security settings for this service.

SMTP Relay Settings

Relay settings are checked here - verifies that only authorized addresses can send through the mail server. See the SMTP connector - Relay section.

SMTP Inbound Bindings Test

Provides information on the bindings to IP addresses.

SMTP Outgoing Configuration

Shows outgoing SMTP configurations.

SMTP Outgoing Queue Status Test

Shows status of messages queued to remote hosts.

DNS Resolution Test

Resolves all DNS settings.

Host IP Reverse Lookup Tests

Outlines the reverse DNS configuration settings and verifies settings. Some mail servers will reject email if there is no PTR record configured for the IP address, so if this test fails a PTR record needs to be configured.

Hosted Domain Resolution Test

Checks whether local domains have MX records.

Reverse DNS Lookup Configuration

Indicates whether reverse DNS blacklists are enabled for the SMTP service.

Web Application Configuration Test

Checks web mail and web administration settings ensuring sites are correct.

Message Filtering/Antivirus

Shows the status of the MTA and configurations of any Filters and AV programs.

Authentication Tests

Checks all authentications provided by MailEnable.

Post Office Status Tests

Authenticates all post office accounts and domains.

Note: The Diagnostic Utility is also a separate application which can be run through the Program Files>Mail Enable>System Utilities menu.




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