MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Mailbox - Web mail

These options provide mailbox level options for Web Mail. The settings on this tab can also be set at the global level under the Web mail - Site Options.

Setting Explanation

Folder, Tasks, and Calendar Sharing

Enables Folder, Task and Calendar sharing for the mailbox.

Sharing is disabled: Disables sharing for the mailbox.

Sharing is enabled: Enables sharing for the mailbox.

Public Folder Modifications Permitted

Determines whether public folder is read only.

Editing of public folders is not permitted: Disables Public Folders for the mailbox.

Editing of public folders is permitted: Enables Public Folders for the mailbox.

FileStore (MyFiles)

This option enables the FileStorage option. 

Filestore is disabled: Disables File Storage for the mailbox.

Filestore is enabled: Enables File storage for the mailbox.

Require Spellcheck on emails before sending:

This option determines whether messages need to spell checked before sending.

Require spellcheck disabled: Disables the spellchecking before sending for the mailbox.

Require spellcheck is enabled: Enables the spellchecking before sending for the mailbox.




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