MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Mailbox - General

The General tab of mailbox properties displays as below:



Mailbox Name

This is the name of the mailbox. Once created, this cannot be changed. This both identifies the user and ensures there is no duplication of mailbox names.  As the Mailbox Name is entered into the text box, the POP Logon name entry just below it will change to reflect the entry.

POP Username for mail clients

This is the username used for logging onto the server via POP3. Use this information to set up the client mail software.  The POP Logon name is the same as the “User Name” that is used by mail clients when they connect to the server to retrieve email. MailEnable uses the @ symbol to identify the post office the mailbox belongs to. This way, the same mailbox names can exist in different post offices (although the username to retrieve their email will differ, since the username is formatted as mailboxname@postofficename).


The password for the mailbox. The client software uses this when connecting. If SMTP authentication is turned on, this password is also used for sending email. Other extensions to the MailEnable product may also use this username/password combination. The password that is set is the same as the password used by mail clients to authenticate when they connect to the server to retrieve email.

Select random password

Creates a random 8 character alphanumeric password.

Mailbox Type

Determines the access level for the mailbox. If the mailbox is given "ADMIN" rights, then the user will be able to administer this post office in MailEnable via the web administration interface. If the user is given “SYSADMIN” rights, then they will be able to modify any post office settings.

Mailbox has a size limit

Limits the size of the mailbox. If an email will take the size of the inbox over this limit, the email is bounced back to the sender.

Prevent user from authenticating

If enabled, this will prevent a user from authenticating or logging into any service where the credentials for the mailbox are supplied.

Mailbox is Disabled

When a mailbox is disabled, it cannot be accessed via a service, such as POP3 or web mail. Useful for suspending account, it makes the mailbox or email mappings to the mailbox inactive, without deleting it.

Deliver Messages with high priority Option for setting messages that are sent from the mailbox to be sent with high priority which will be placed within the SMTP High Priority queue.

Delete messages

Delete messages from the mailbox.



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