MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Postoffice Mailbox Clean-Up Agent settings

The Mailbox Cleanup Agent cleans mailboxes by deleting old messages meeting specified criteria.

Settings Description
Properties.. Used to open the properties window for each criteria. Highlight a criteria in the list and then click on the properties button. Alternatively you can double click on each criteria to open the same properties window.
Close Closes the Mailbox Clean-Up Agent settings window

Folder Cleanup Properties

Settings Description
Delete Messages meeting the following criteria Enables the Mailbox Clean-Up Agent for the folder
Delete messages older than days The Mailbox Clean-Up Agent will delete any messages older then the specified value in days
Delete Unread Messages Enables the option for the Mailbox Clean-Up Agent to delete unread messages


Note: For more information about how to edit the polling times for the Postoffice Agents please see the Management service - Mailbox Clean-Up Agent section of this manual



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