MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Postoffice - Feature selection

Features such as Reverse DNS Blacklisting, antivirus scanning and delivery of junk mail to the junk folder can be enabled or disabled for each post office.



Enable Reverse DNS for Post Office

Allows the disabling of Reverse DNS testing for a post office.

Enable Antivirus Protection for Post Office

Similar to above, allows the disabling of Antivirus checking for a post office.

Deliver Junk Email to Junk Email folder

Disabling this feature for a post office will change the actions of any configured filters where the filter has an action of Mark as spam. The message will be delivered to the inbox as normal rather than the Junk E-Mail folder of a mailbox.

For emails to be delivered to the Junk E-mail folder for a mailbox, the message must have the following header item:

X-ME-Content: Deliver-To=Junk

Filters can add this header.  See the Filter actions section for more information.

If this option is greyed out please see Message Filtering

Deliver Junk E-mail reports to all mailboxes This option will enable Junk E-mail reports to all mailboxes within the postoffice. If this option is greyed out please see Report Agent settings.

Greylisting: dropdown

Greylisting is disabled for postoffice:

Disables greylisting fro all users within the postoffice

Greylisting is enabled for all mailboxes:

Enabled the greylisting for all mailboxes within the postoffice

Greylisting is configured per mailbox:

This will set the greylisting to be determined by the mailbox. Please refer to Mailbox - Spam for more information

Greylisting is described in more detail under the SMTP section of this document.




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