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Synchronization - HTTPMail

HTTP is the protocol that handles web traffic. It defines how web pages are formatted and the way they are delivered over the Internet. It also includes any information about the objects that are needed by proxy servers or a user's web browser. HTTPMail is a relatively new protocol for the server hosted messaging services. HTTPMail provides an alternative to using POP and SMTP, with the added benefit of allowing messages to be hosted on the server (rather than downloaded onto the client). Further to this, using HTTPMail, messages can be moved between the server and local stores as required.

HTTPMail utilizes WebDAV HTTP Extensions to provide remote access to server hosted mail folders using standard HTTP communication. This service allows mail messages to be hosted on the server and provides tight integration with Outlook 2002 (and later) and Outlook Express, although subfolders are not supported in HTTPMail. Unlike IMAP, it does not require SMTP to send messages.  HTTPMail posts messages into the post office where they are either locally delivered or dispatched through the SMTP Connector.

Another benefit HTTPMail has over using POP and SMTP, is that it can be configured to operate over Port 80 enabling access to mail through corporate firewalls.



Enable public folders for post offices

Public Folders allow one or more mailboxes under the post office to share data (messages in a folder that is seen by all mailboxes in the post office.)

Anything placed in this folder (Program Files\MailEnable\Post Offices\[Post Office Name]\Pubroot) will become visible to all other mailboxes in the post office.  This feature must be enabled for the post office in Post Office Properties. Please see Postoffice - Message Store




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