MailEnable Enterprise Guide
What's New in Version 9

The following section outlines the new functionality provided in Version 9 of MailEnable.

Webmail Improvements & Enhancements

Version 9 webmail now loads at least twice as fast (achieved by increasing startup responsiveness, object caching and compression). The webmail client aslso has a fresh new style, with extra features like the time-window Out-of-Office (auto-responder). Users are now also uable to upload multiple attachments in a single operation.

Country Code Blocking

Users now have the ability to block incoming communications from certain countries by targeting specific country codes. This allos the user to block potentially harmful or unwanted data from suspicious sources.

Out-of-Office Start/End Times for the Autoresponder

Users can now set a start/end date and times for their autoresponder, to more accurately target a specific time frame where they want to activate the autoresponder. This feature is available in webmail as well as for the Outlook MAPI connector.

IDN Support in Administration

MailEnable Administration now provides IDN (International Domain Name) support, by converting domain names from the UTF8 representation to their ASCII IDN representation.

Geylisting SPF Exclusions by Domain

Greylisting is the most effective single mechanism of reducing spam, but its effectiveness has been limited by delaying legitimate messages (particularly from large service providers like Gmail and Yahoo!). With version 9, domains that have SPF records can now be whitelisted by MailEnable, significantly improving the effectiveness of Greylisting.

Improved Administration

Administration has been improved on SMTP and other service abuse blocks. Users are now able to remove temporary IP blocks without having to wait for them to expire. Administrators are now also able to see the current status of the indexing service, and the number of mailboxes to index and update are shown. Administrators can also jump directly to the mailbox location on disk with the addition of a "View in Explorer" menu item, and easily find lists, group and directory members with the addition of a filter. Administrators now have the ability to force hte postoffice connecotr service to execute mailbox delivery events on all messages, including bulk and system messages.

Improved Smarthosting

Domains that are bound to an IP address can now be configured to smarthost all the outbound email for that domain to the one remote host. Previously it could not be done on a per domain basis.

EHLO Blocking

You can now specify strings for the SMTP service that will allow it to drop connections when connections use specific EHLO values.




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