MailEnable Professional Guide

The majority of MailEnable configuration and maintenance is done through the MailEnable Administration program within a Microsoft Management Console.

Start this application by using the Start menu in Microsoft Windows and Navigating to MailEnable Enterprise by selecting:

Start>Programs>MailEnable>MailEnable Professional

The MailEnable Administration program will open and you will be presented with a window similar to the following:

The tree view on the left navigates through the various components of MailEnable in order to configure them.

The first item in the display is MailEnable Management.

The second item in the display is Messaging Manager. This is where various global settings, such as Domains, Post Offices and Mailboxes can be modified. Explanations of these items are contained later in this document. The panel to the right of the tree view provides either icons for options, or a view of the configuration data determined by what you have selected in the tree view.

The third item in the left tree view of the Administration program, labeled Servers, is for configuring the various server specific configuration items for MailEnable.

Many of the tree view items have configuration options. These options can be accessed by right clicking on the icon and selecting the Properties item from the popup menu.



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