MailEnable Professional Guide

HTTPMail requires very few configuration settings. The major configuration settings are the IP address(es) and port bindings for the MailEnable Synchronization Service (Please see Synchronization General). If the option to install HTTPMail is selected, the service is published on port 8080 of the server (it is possible to change this setting to an alternate port, but 8080 is the default so that the Synchronization service does not conflict with any existing web services that may be running). 

If using Outlooks Express or Outlook 2002 as a mail client, select the mail protocol as HTTP and enter in the following details:

http:// Your Server: 8080/MEHTTPMail

Since HTTPMail is an authenticated service, use the usual account credentials when prompted (i.e.: User@ Your Account/Postoffice).  For a more detailed explanation of configuring HTTPMail for mail clients, please see the Configuring email clients section.



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