MailEnable Professional Guide
How to create a mailbox

When creating a mailbox, MailEnable will automatically create an email address for each domain in the post office (if the setting for automatically creating email addresses for each domain is enabled in the Messaging Manager Properties – see the General settings section) using the format mailboxname@domain. When a mail client application logs onto to MailEnable to retrieve email, it needs to have its username formatted as mailboxname@postofficename.

How to create a mailbox

  1. Navigate within the administration console to: Messaging Manager > Postoffices > (postofficename) > Mailboxes
  2. Right click on mailboxes and select New Mailbox...
  3. Specify a mailbox name
  4. Specify a mailbox password or alternatively click on Select Random button to set a random password.
  5. Click Apply and then OK



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