MailEnable Professional Guide
Literal values

The following table lists the literal values which can be used in a script.




Contains a numeric value of the calculated Bayesian probability of a message being detected as spam.


The size of the message in bytes


Indicates whether the sender of the message authenticated in order to dispatch the message to MailEnable. The value is 1 if the sender authenticated, otherwise the value is 0.


Indicates whether the message contained a virus. The value is 1 if the message contained a virus, otherwise the value is 0. When a virus is detected by filter criteria it is automatically removed from the message.


Indicates whether the message has an attachment. The value is 1 if the message has an attachment, otherwise the value is 0.

Literal enumeration example

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If ([ME_SENDERAUTH] = 0) Then
 'sender has not authenticated 
End If

Extra literal values are also available for substitution. These are formatted differently because they are not evaluated as the filter is being executed, but read from the command file for the message being processed.




The TCP/IP address of the originating message


The post office that can reasonably be assigned to the message.


The sender of the message in Internal format of [CONNECTOR:Address]. E.g. []


The recipient(s) of the message in internal format of [CONNECTOR:Address];[CONNECTOR:Address2]. E.g. [];[]


The subject of the message.


More Examples

Check whether the subject of a message contains the letters ABC

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If InStr(1,UCase("%SUBJECT%"),"ABC") > 0 then
End If

Check if the Subject of the message contains "Re" at the start of it

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If Left("%SUBJECT%",2) = "Re" then
End If




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