MailEnable Professional Guide
MailEnable Message Filter Properties

Right clicking on MailEnable Management > Servers > Localhost > Extensions > MailEnable Message Filter and selecting properties, the general properties for the MailEnable Message Filter can be configured. These filter properties configure the infrastructure associated with content filtering.

The MailEnable Message Filter Properties window is shown below:

The configurable properties for the MailEnable Message Filter are outlined in the following table:



Activity Log

Specify the status and location of the activity log file generated by the filter. This log file contains details of the filters that have been executed and their respective status.

Scratch Directory

The Scratch directory is used by the filters to unpack messages for analysis. This occurs when messages are scanned by the integrated Antivirus agents (this process is explained in more detail later in this section). This is the directory to where MailEnable will decode the email attachments while scanning. Make sure this directory is not subject to real-time scanning by any resident antivirus application.





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