MailEnable Professional Guide
Spam Protection

Spam protection within MailEnable is what we refer to as a super script which is a weighted filtering system that accumulates points for each factor of a message that could be considered spam.  The spam protection values can be found in the spam protection service under the Messaging Manager in your MailEnable Administration Program.

Eg: MailEnable Managament > Messaging Manager > Spam Protection

The goal here is to find a perfect balance of points per message for your spam.  Each one of the values  would not necessarily be deem a message as spam on its own but if several fail then the chance of the message being scored as spam is considerably higher.

Note: This filter by default will do nothing to the message except add a header line to the message.  One of the following values depending on the score of points compared to the threshold you set in the spam protection values will be added;
X-ME-Spam: Low
X-ME-Spam: Medium
X-ME-Spam: High

The actions to these header lines can be either configured in Enterprise at a post office level by searching for the above lines in the header or they can be configured by each customer in the web mail Spam Protection options of a web mail login.
Here is an article that helps with testing this service and explains a little more about its usage:



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