MailEnable Standard Guide
Lists - General

The general options associated with a list are outlined in the following table:



List name

The name of the list. This determines the address that people email to in order to post to the list. The full email address for the list appears at the bottom of the General property page.

Select domain for this list

The domain used for the list name.

List owner email (also moderator)

The email address of the moderator. When a list is moderated, all the emails that are posted are sent to the moderator. It is the job of the moderator to decide whether or not the email is to be posted. Only emails coming from the moderators email address will be posted to the list.

List is disabled

Disables the list so no one can post to it.

Enable list help

Enables help for the list. If someone posts to the list with the subject of ‘help’ they will receive an email with details of what commands the list server will accept.

List Type

Determines whether the list is moderated or not. If moderated, all incoming emails will be sent to the moderator email address. If a password protected moderated list is configured, then users do not need to use the password, but the moderator does. All emails will go to the moderator, and the moderator needs to use the password in order to post to the list.


A description of the list. This is displayed in the Administration program to allow you to easily see what a list is about.




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