MailEnable Standard Guide
Security and authentication settings

The security tab contains the server settings for password encryption and Windows authentication integration as follows:



Password Details/Encrypt Passwords

When using Tab Delimited Configuration Providers, which is the default storage within MailEnable, MailEnable passwords are stored in text files with a TAB extension under the \config directory of the MailEnable directory structure. You can optionally specify to encrypt MailEnable passwords. If you are using integrated authentication, Windows credentials will take preference to these passwords.

Enable Integrated Authentication

This is a system wide setting that allows you to simply enable or disable authentication for all hosted MailEnable post offices.

MailEnable Integrated Authentication allows you to use Windows Authentication as well as MailEnable’s inbuilt authentication.  It also allows you to have mailboxes created within MailEnable as users successfully authenticate using Windows Credentials. To enable integrated authentication, you must select Messaging Manager Properties (right click on Messaging Manager) and check the box labeled “Enable Integrated Authentication”.




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