V8 Webmail End User Guide
Message Preview

When a message is selected within the message list various options are available within the message preview area. The options that described within the table below:

Field Explanation

Add to Contacts

This option will open and add the messages sender address to the contacts edit window.

Add to Whitelist

This will add the senders address to the Whitelist.

Character Set


Clicking the icon will display the Character setting drop down menu where you can select the relevant character setting encoding for the message contents.

Note: This option is only visible when the message has been opened. Double click on the message to open. 


Clicking on the attachments link will open the attachments management window.
Attached file Clicking on the attached file link will open up the download/save options for the attached file.

View as Slideshow

When previewing a message which contains attached images, the View as Slideshow option will be available on the end of the Attachments field. Clicking on it will start a slideshow using the attached images with controls at the bottom. Next and Previous allow you to cycle through the images. Start will cycle through the images automatically. Close will exit the slideshow.



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