V8 Webmail End User Guide
Message List

Selecting the Inbox folder from the Folder Tree will display the message list.  The message lists displays email summary details such as sender, subject, the date of delivery and the size of the message.  The following table describes options for the message list.




Select Checkbox

To the left hand side of each message there is a tick box. Each time you place a tick in the box by selecting the email is classed as being selected.  After a tick is placed in the box(s) you can then use the buttons within the Message List Toolbar.

Select/Deselect All Checkbox

To select or deselect the entire message list click on the Select/Deselect All checkbox.

Importance (Importance icon)

Displayed is a message has been set with an importance level.

Flag (Flag icon)

Displayed if a message has been flagged.

View Message (Envelope icon)

Select the mail icon to open the message and the message display window will be shown.

View Attachments (Attachment clip icon) 

When a message contains an attachment, select the attachment icon in the message list to open the attachments window.

Sorting the message list

The message list can be sorted by clicking on the column heading items in the message list. Click the heading item twice to reverse the order of the list. Sorting options are: Sort by Importance, Sort by Flags, Sort by Read Status, Sort by wether message has attachments, Sort by Sender, Sort by Subject,  Sort by received date and Sort by Date.

Selecting Messages

A single message can be selected by clicking on it. More messages can be simultaneously selected by either:

Moving Messages

Messages can be moved to a different folder by clicking on them and holding the mouse button down, then dragging the message over the destination folder (listed in the Folder Tree) and releasing the mouse button.

Right-click Menu Options

The following list of options becomes available upon right-clicking a message:

Option Function



This opens the message for viewing.

Mark as unread

This will mark the right-clicked message as unread.


This will compose a new message in reply to the right-clicked message.

Quick Reply

The Quick reply option will open up a reply window without the need to load the HTML composing window and is used as a quicker method of replying to messages.

Reply All

This will compose a new message in reply to the right-clicked message and will be sent to all recipients of that message.


This will compose a new message which contains the right-clicked message for forwarding.


This will mark the right-clicked message as flagged.

Report as spam

This will report the right-clicked message as spam.


This will delete the right-clicked message.

Add to contacts

This will open and add the senders address of the right clicked message to the contacts edit window.

Add to Whitelist

This will add the senders address of the right-clicked message to your whitelist.

View headers

This will open a new window displaying the header information for the right-clicked message.

Download source

This will prompt the web browser to save the message's source to disk.


This will open the right clicked message within the print preview window for printing.


This will copy the right-clicked message into web mail's clipboard. It can then be pasted into another folder using the Paste option.


Note: this option will only be available if an other message has been copied using the Copy option.

This will paste the message from the clipboard into the currently open folder. The paste option is also available upon right-clicking folders in the Folder Tree.



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