V8 Webmail End User Guide
Reading Messages

jWhen a mail message is selected in the message list, the message details and body of the message is displayed.  From here you can Reply, Reply All, Forward or Delete a particular message.  Message attachments and message headers can be viewed.  The message can also be printed.

There is also a setting to open/compose a message in a new window.  This setting is described in the Settings tab section.  The table below describes the various options available in message view mode.




To reply to a sender select the reply button. This will invoke a reply message window that acts similar to a “compose new message window” except the address of the recipient and sender are automatically entered. 

Reply all

The Reply all button is used when to reply to a message when the message was sent to several users and the reply is required to be sent to all original recipients.  These users are automatically entered in the “To” field of a reply when Reply All is used.  The Reply All button will also include the senders address in the new message.


When an email is received and the message is to be sent on to another email address, the forward button can be used.  This is similar to replying to a message, however instead of a blank window, a new window already containing the original message to be sent on is displayed.  From here, enter any recipients that are to receive the message in the TO, CC or BCC text boxes.


If a message is to be deleted or moved to the Deleted Items folder, select the delete button to remove the file from the current folder list.


Selecting this button will allow the viewing and saving of attachments.


The printing of an email can be done through this screen as long as a working printer and driver are installed. After selecting the button a print preview screen is displayed. To continue to print this message, select the Print link in the top right hand corner of the print preview screen.

View Headers

This button will allow the header properties of the current message to be seen.  This can assist with the detection of forged email and spam messages.

Headers show the message receipt details and more advanced details such as;

Message-ID – this is the message number or name of file stored on the server in the mailbox inbox.

X-Mailer – This is the client that the current message is being viewed with.

MIME-Version – This is the version of the MIME encoding method.

Content-Type – This is the format of the message and outlines what boundaries can be expected to be found within the message.

X-Read: 1 –  X-Read: 1" indicates that a message has been read

Back to messages

This button will return to the inbox message list display of the current mailbox.

Sender Options

When previewing a message, there are also two options available in the From field after the contact's address:

Slideshow Option

When previewing a message which contains attached images, the View as Slideshow option will be available on the end of the Attachments field. Clicking on it will start a slideshow with the images with controls at the bottom. Next and Previous allow you to cycle through the images; Start will cycle through the images automatically; Close will exit the slideshow.



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