V8 Webmail End User Guide
Receiving and reading messages

Receiving messages

After logging into an email account all mailboxes assigned to the login will be viewable.  Selecting the inbox will display all received emails. Web mail also has an automatic polling interval set by the system administrator and this check updates the inbox when new messages arrive.

Displaying messages

Once emails have been received into the inbox of an account holder, select a message to read by clicking on the email address or subject of an email.  This will display the message content and message details. Message details include subject, sender’s details, recipient address and the date and time the message was received.  This information is all displayed within the header and underneath this header the written text is located.

Receiving attachments

An attachment is a file or document that is sent through with a message. To view, execute or view message attachments select the attachments icon as displayed in the message details.  In the screen that follows, the name, type and size of the attachment file(s) appear. The attachment filename will appear as a download link.  Select the link to either save the file to a directory or run the file in the relevant program.



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