V8 Webmail End User Guide
Shared Calendars

Sharing calendars

As well as being able to share a mailbox calendar to other webmail users, MailEnable can share these to other email and calendar clients using the CalDAV protocol and iCalendar hosting support. This allows the use of Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird (with the Lightning calendar add-in), Apple's iCal, and others to both view and edit calendars.

iCalendar is a file format used to describe calendar events. iCalendar hosting support in MailEnable means that you can upload these calendar files to a user's mailbox. These calendars are "published" (uploaded) by clients to the server, and other clients can "subscribe" to (download) these. As an example, imagine a Microsoft Outlook user who coaches a couple of soccer teams. They can create two calendars, one for each team, with their own schedules for the season, and publish these to their MailEnable account. A different URL can be given to each of the team members, which they can use in their calendaring application (whether using iCal from Apple or the Microsoft Vista calendar). Updates to the calendars can be made, and all subscribers will see the changes.

The CalDav protocol provides a more advanced method of accessing a calendar on the server and instead of just uploading and downloading a full iCalendar file.

The Enterprise Edition web mail client allows you to view and set permissions for any hosted ICS calendars that you may have. You are able to create and upload these calendars using ICS calendaring enabled clients.

If you have granted public access to these calendars, others can access them via their mail/calendaring client.

Sharing a Calendar

  1. Right click on the Calendar branch in the Folder tree and select Share
  2. Refer to Shared Resources on how to set access levels for the share
Note: The access level that is set for the share will determine if the connecting mailbox will have rights to create and edit calendar appointments within the shared calendar.

Connecting to a shared Calendar

  1. Navigate to Options > Connect To Share 
  2. Refer to Connect to Share on how to connect to a share
  3. Select the Mail User: and select the \Calendar in the Resource to Open list
  4. Click Connect

Viewing a connected shared calendar

  1. Within the Calendar page within the free busy calendar window locate the Shared Calendar: section
  2. Use the checkbox to select an available shared calendar to be displayed within the calendar view area.
  3. You will see the shared calendar appear beside the defaults mailbox calendar view.



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