V8 Webmail End User Guide
Shared Contacts

Sharing a Contact list

  1. Right click on the Contacts branch in the Folder tree and select Share
  2. Refer to Shared Resources on how to set access levels for the share
Note: The access level that is set for the share will determine if the connecting mailbox will have rights to create and edit contacts within the shared contact list.

Connecting to a Shared Contact list

  1. Navigate to Options > Connect To Share 
  2. Refer to Connect to Share on how to connect to a share
  3. Select the Mail User: and select the \Contacts in the Resource to Open list
  4. Click Connect

Viewing a connected Shared Contact list

  1. Within the Contacts page use the drop down menu for Shared Contacts..
  2. Select the share within the list to view the shared contact list



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