V8 Webmail End User Guide
Task Management

Accessing Task Management

Click on the Tasks button on the Top Toolbar to access the task list.

Task Management Toolbar

The following buttons are available on the Task Management toolbar at the top of the page:

Button Function
New Task This will open up the Task Details dialog in the right hand side pane to create a new task.
Note: this button will only be active when one or more tasks are selected in the task list.

This will delete all of the currently selected tasks from the task list.

View dropdown

Simple List:

Displays minimal information about the task.

Detailed List:

Displays more informative information about the task including start and end times.

Filter Tasks dropdown

All Tasks:

Displays a list of all tasks in the list.

Active Tasks:

Sorts the task list to display the active tasks only

Overdue Tasks:

Sorts the task list to display the overdue tasks only

Completed Tasks:

Sorts the task list to display the completed tasks only

Refresh Refreshes the tasks list
Shared Tasks... Used to display a shared mailboxes tasks list.

Task List

The task list shows currently existing tasks, displaying each task's subject, status, due date and percentage complete. Tasks can be edited by clicking on them and then changing the information in the Task Details window in the right hand side pane. Multiple tasks can be selected by ticking check boxes on the left hand side of the list.

Task Details

The Task Details dialog appears in the right hand side pane and shows the details of the task that was last clicked on, or presents default values if the New Task button was clicked. All of the field values that can be edited are listed in the table below:

Field Details
Subject The name given to this task.
Start/Due Date The date when the task will start and when it is due to be completed.
Importance The importance of this task.
Status The status of this task.
Percent complete What percentage of this task has been completed.
Sensitivity An indication of how sensitive this task is, ranging from "Normal" to "Confidential".



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