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Contact Management
Contacts > Contact Management

Opening the Contacts page

To access the Contacts list follow the steps below:

  1. Click on either the Contacts button in the Top Toolbar or the Contacts branch in the Folder Tree

There are various options that can be found on the Contacts page. Please review the table below:

Field Explanation

New (drop down) button


Opens the new Contact editing window


Opens the new Group editing window

Email button

Adds the selected contact to the To: field of a message and opens the compose message window


Deletes the selected contact


The contacts search option can be used to search contacts within the mailbox contact list or the Global address list.

View drop down menu

The View drop down menu is used to set the various contact detail columns that will displayed in the contact list. These are:

       - Full Name

       - NickName

       - Email

       - Business


Refresh the Contacts list

Contacts Directory..

Used to select to display the mailbox Contacts list or the Global Address list

Shared Contacts..

Used to select to display the list of contacts within a shared mailboxes contact list

Import Contacts

Used to import contacts from a .CSV file

Export Contacts

Exports the contact list to a .CSV file

NOTE: This does not have the ability to export Global contacts or shared contacts. It will only export the mailbox contact list.

Right click on contact menu


Deletes the contact

Send Email:

Adds the contact to the To: field of a message and opens the compose message window

Download as VCF file:

Downloads the contact to a .VCF file which can then be used for emailing as an attached file

Send as VCARD:

Automatically opens the compose window and attaches the contact information to the message as a .VCF file.

Adding a new contact

  1. Click on the New drop down button and select Contact to display the new contact editing window in the right hand side pane.
  2. Specify the relevant contact details under each tab (General, Personal, Company, Notes)
  3. Click Add to create the contact

Edit an existing contact

  1. Select an existing contact in the contact list to open the contacts details and editing window in the right hand side pane
  2. Edit the relevant details under each tab
  3. Click Save

Delete a Contact

  1. Select an existing contact in the contact list
  2. Click on the Delete button to remove the contact
Note: You can select the entire contact list using the Select/Deselect All checkbox.
Note: Multiple contacts can be selected by holding down the ctrl key and selecting each contact in the list.

Creating a Group contact

  1. Click on the New drop down button and select Group
  2. Specify a group name and click Ok
  3. Locate the newly created group contact within the contact list and select the group to open the group management window in the right hand pane window
  4. Within the All contacts: list tick the members that are to be added to the group contact
  5. Next click on the Add button
  6. Finally scroll down and click Save
Note: To remove members from the group contact select the members within the Group Members: list and use the Remove button

Importing Contacts from a .csv file

  1. Click on Import Contacts button
  2. Next click on browse and locate the .csv file
  3. Click on Import

Contact information can be imported from Outlook or Outlook Express. The following is a list of field mappings that MailEnable uses when importing contacts into web mail. The first column is the text header that is looked for in the import file, and the second column is what MailEnable maps this to. The columns do not need to be in order.

"E-MAIL"    Email address
"E-MAIL ADDRESS" Email address (if empty, then E-mail field is used)
"LAST NAME"  Last Name
"FIRST NAME" First Name
"TITLE"  Title
"NAME" Full name (if empty, then First name plus Last name are used)
"MIDDLE NAME" Middle name
"HOME PHONE"  Phone Home
"MOBILE PHONE" Phone Mobile
"BUSINESS FAX" Phone Work Fax
 "HOME FAX"   Phone Home Fax
"COMPANY" Business
"DEPARTMENT"   Department


Note: If users generate CSV files for import using non-English client applications the first row may not be in English. This will prevent the import from being able to correctly match the columns and create the contacts.