MailEnable - Enterprise Edition Revision History


Release 1.26 - 20th Jun 2006

Added: Send quota notification to mailbox only
Added: Can multiselect and delete log files in admin program for POP retriever
Fixed: Quota notification for sender only was notifying mailbox
Fixed: Quota notification for sender only was not notifying sender
Fixed: Bouncing message back to sender when over quota in postoffice connector settings changed to "Notification only"
Fixed: Editing user in web administration would have their password in plain text in HTML code

Release 1.25 - 10th Jun 2006

Fixed: Some options in 1.24 release may not read if altered externally
Fixed: Quotes around delivery/pickup event items were not recognised
Fixed: Security issues with webmail and web administration
Fixed: Editing a directory item was clearing internal locator and entry ID

Release 1.24 - 7th Jun 2006

Fixed: Certain subjects in emails could cause MTA to send email to Bad Mail folder
Fixed: DNS blacklisting could check unselected blacklists
Fixed: Having a custom DNS blacklist could cause an error dialog in the administration program
Fixed: Changing POP service IP addresses it was binding to was not indicating a restart of the service was needed
Fixed: Database errors could cause the MTA to think the thread has not exited and could eventually stop it processing a queue
Fixed: Not all exceptions in plugin DLLs executed by MTA were being logged
Fixed: Sorting mailboxes by quota in admin program was not correct if some mailboxes were set to unlimited
Fixed: Improved some bounce handling for SMTP outbound messages
Fixed: Quota notifications were not being generated into recipients mailbox in verison 1.21-1.23
Fixed: Improved HTML email displaying in webmail
Fixed: List server could skip an address when reaching the maximum number of recipients per message
Fixed: Out of Stack space error when editing group properties when using a database for configuration store
Fixed: MIME encoded filenames for attachments were not begin decoded correctly in webmail
Fixed: If sending to a group that has a disabled mailbox as a member, the bounce would include all recipients

Release 1.23 - 23rd Mar 2006

Fixed: Using an Access Control list for POP service could block incorrect IP addresses

Release 1.22 - 22nd Mar 2006

Fixed: Possible authentication exploits with POP service

Release 1.21 - 20th Mar 2006

Changed: For email addresses in a disabled domain, a temp error was being returned by SMTP, now it is a permanent error
Changed: Administration program will force valid domain for SMTP local (mail) domain setting
Fixed: Editing a second SPF filter in administration program was preventing the second SPF details from loading
Fixed: Reprocessing quarantined items from administration program without filters was leaving message contents in the quarantine folder
Fixed: Bayesian was not autotraining correctly when multiple honeypot/spam addresses were used
Fixed: Diagnostic output was showing Require PTR record was enabled when it wasn't
Fixed: Moving messages to public folders with webmail was not marking the folder as dirty and updating index
Fixed: Adding an already existing mailbox was recreating the DEFAULT.MAI (when using Provider Migration Utility it would create these files)
Fixed: Inboxes were being marked as dirty with POP service even if no changes were made
Fixed: Failing to authenticate in IMAP and then doing a NOOP would still update index for mailbox
Fixed: If you add a group member using simple method in admin program, then add using advanced in another group, the first email address could be added as well
Fixed: Editing POP log paths directly in admin was not enabling the Apply button
Fixed: Activity Monitor may not show logs if Debug and Activity logs for a service weren't in the same path
Fixed: Some incorrectly encoded quoted-printable emails could cause webmail to go to 100% CPU when being viewed
Fixed: Some rfc822 attachments may not be able to be downloaded through webmail
Fixed: Extra space on the end of a Received header could prevent the date being shown correctly in webmail
Fixed: Remote images were not displayed in webmail if using https
Fixed: If queue path registry setting was changed from default the HTTPMail service could not send emails
Fixed: Possible authentication exploits with POP service

Release 1.2 - 1st Feb 2006

Added: MESPAMCMD parameter to tell MTA to save currently Bayesian dictionary being trained
Added: A SPF policy can be applied to domains which have none
Added: Webmails HTML filtering to remove unknown items in HTML emails is now optional
Added: Loading and decoding emails in webmail is faster
Added: Option to prevent the loading of remote images in HTML emails in webmail
Added: Diagnostic report will show reverse DNS entry results instead of just pass/fail
Added: MEQueueOverview utility added to System Tools
Added: Provider migration utility will now prompt to disable simple passwords policy so all auth entries can be migrated
Added: Can import directory members from text file with administration program
Changed: Global contact list in webmail will sort and display over 300 entries if using tab delimited storage now
Changed: Autoresponder will now use the mailbox display name instead of "Auto Response" if available
Changed: More information in the diagnostic utility output
Changed: Administration program will stop invalid domains being entered as SMTP host name
Fixed: Saving as draft was not working when editing HTML emails in webmail
Fixed: Option provider is not allowing you to set empty strings as values when using DB provider
Fixed: If a criteria config file had entries over 1k it could crash mailbox filters
Fixed: Backup utility was assuming configuration info was stored in same path as email data
Fixed: SMTP could waste time doing a DNS lookup on IP address
Fixed: Provider migration utility was not doing directory entries
Fixed: MySQL database creation scripts would have problems if MySQL was set to use unicode by default
Fixed: Public folder subfolders STATUS and notifications for IMAP were not working
Fixed: SMTP could crash on outbound sending to some domains
Fixed: Connecting to a MySQL database running on non-Windows platform was keeping messages in postoffice connector outbound queue
Fixed: Filter to match authenticated users was not working
Fixed: Logging off webmail was not clearing all session details
Fixed: Using a database for storage was not sorting the directory list
Fixed: Better loop protection for POP Retrieval (emails won't loop at all)
Fixed: Installing over registered Pro version will properly put the program in evaluation mode
Fixed: HTML editor in webmail could cause Javascript/ASP error on some configurations
Fixed: Apostrophe in contact email address for webmail could stop the contact list from being indexed
Fixed: DEFAULT.MAI file for new mailboxes now has date set to be current date/time
Fixed: Emails sent via webmail were not being sent as authenticated
Fixed: Emails sent via HTTPMail were not being sent as authenticated
Fixed: MESPAMCMD was not notifying MTA to reload
Fixed: HTTPMail was not writing the client IP address to the command file
Fixed: Deleting all in webmail was not clearing cached directory size and was logging to event log needlessly
Fixed: Unspecified database errors from SQL Server could disconnect from database and crash services under heavy load
Fixed: Possibly 100% CPU usage in webmail when viewing some specifically formatted quoted-printable emails
Fixed: Directory manager was not listing the directory entries
Fixed: POP service was not logging the TOP command
Fixed: Some attachments were not visible in webmail
Fixed: Very long filenames/paths for contacts could prevent them from being indexed
Fixed: Not all searches in IMAP were working
Fixed: Adding a new contact in webmail through contact list it was not opening in a new window if you had this set in options
Fixed: Indexing contacts could fail as it was trying to index non-contact files
Fixed: Some attachments weren't being recognised or downloadable in webmail
Fixed: Empty sender in SMTP outbound queue could cause SMTP to crash if recipient format was also incorrect
Fixed: Removing postoffice through API was not removing the directories on disk
Fixed: When adding a new filter in webmail, selecting a message body criteria was also adding it as a message to criteria
Fixed: Webmail is faster handling files on a remote postoffice/queue store
Fixed: Various IMAP searching criteria now working
Fixed: HTML attachments to emails could stop readable HTML portion from being viewed (was using the plain text part)
Fixed: Installation and setting file permissions speed improved
Fixed: Message tokens within the highest and lowest percentiles option in Bayesian filter was always returning 40% likely to be spam
Fixed: v=spf1 is removed from front of policies in SPF settings as it is not needed
Fixed: The IP match criteria was not displaying the saved value in administration program
Fixed: List confirmations would not work if the client wrapped the subject line
Fixed: MIME encoding for subject header in webmail was not always correct
Fixed: Attachments button may not be visible in webmail if not running English language Windows
Fixed: EXPN SMTP command was not working
Fixed: Blank usernames in POP service could match just based on password
Fixed: Some delay messages for SMTP service were ignoring the initial delay before being sent
Fixed: Delay messages were giving incorrect time that a message would be retried for
Fixed: Return-path header was not being added to emails
Fixed: Return-path header was being added to list messages
Fixed: List messages are marked with precedence list (was bulk, except for notifications which were list)
Fixed: Moderated password protected lists were rejecting emails with no passwords instead of sending to moderator
Fixed: Filter names over 128 characters entered in admin would produce an error
Fixed: Email address in links would highlight incorrectly in webmail
Fixed: The last line of a quoted-printable attachment would not be returned in webmail if there was no blank line before the next boundary
Fixed: Could not see attachments for messages in public folders in webmail
Fixed: NDRs weren't being sent as null sender
Fixed: IMAP APPEND function was not working correctly with Apple mail client
Fixed: MIME encoded subject lines in webmail would not display correctly if the encoding did not start at the beginning
Fixed: Options to uninstall other editions of MailEnable would still be available after upgrade
Fixed: Diagnostics Utility could crash halfway through with certain permission settings on registry keys it checks
Fixed: Could not change the remote administration port
Fixed: Enabling management agents for a server through the popup menu in administration program did not work
Fixed: Mailbox external word lists were not loading word lists from correct directory
Fixed: If an MX record was not a valid domain (even if the recipient domain was) the SMTP was retrying instead of failing
Fixed: SMTP option requiring inbound connections to have valid domain was not working correctly
Fixed: Requiring inbound connections to have valid domain would put lines in SMTP Debug log which could be confused for outbound sending
Fixed: SMTP Catchalls were not populating the Account property in the command files
Fixed: Messages created in webmail in positive UTC offsets with half hour (eg. Adelaide) created messages with Received header 1 hour out

Release 1.1 - 8th July 2005

Added: Unlimited size mailboxes can see their current size in webmail
Added: Can delete multiple list server logs at once
Added: UTF-8 for webmail composing
Added: Can reject incoming emails if they fail SPF test immediately
Added: Option to log various service Debug information into Activity log for readability
Added: For SMTP outbound you can specify the maximum number of recipients for a domain in the admin program
Added: Can now edit directory entries instead of having to remove and add
Added: Logoff link in web admin
Added: Can configure the webmail notification poll interval and whether it is enabled
Added: Quota enumeration mode to postoffice connector options to allow either just the inbox or all folders to count towards quota
Added: Delete all for webmail Sent, Drafts, Deleted folders
Added: Auto-training to Bayesian filter
Added: Calendaring can be disabled for webmail through the administration program
Added: Can disable posting denied notifications for the list server
Added: Default POSTOFFICE.SYS and MAILBOX.SYS are used by administration program when creating a new postoffice/mailbox
Added: Stop processing filters added as an action for filtering
Added: Can set the default reply to address and compose from address in webmail options
Added: Extended characters for subjects in webmail are now encoded
Added: Deliver quarantine messages from admin program with or without filters being actioned
Added: Information dialog when administration program starts if running in evaluation or there is a license problem
Added: Webmail will indicate whether HTML editing will work and won't try to use it if the browser does not support it
Changed: When importing contacts in webmail, fullname will be created from firstname, lastname if fullname does not exist
Changed: AV scanning will now check for empty MIME boundary vulnerability
Changed: AV scanning will recognise uuencoded attachments in emails without MIME boundaries
Changed: SMTP administration options and others divided up to be easier
Changed: Uploading through webmail is about 40% faster for larger files
Changed: Wording for various filter criteria to be more accurate
Changed: Webmail folder view just shows top levels folders on initial load instead of fully expanding
Changed: Importing contacts in webmail will use "E-Mail" column if exists and "E-Mail Address" column is empty
Changed: Refused connections are given permanent SMTP error failure code instead of temporary
Changed: Will not include temp files in users mailboxes in quote calculation
Fixed: IMAP LSUB with % wildcard was not returning correct results. Caused problems with some clients such as PHP IMAP lib
Fixed: Sorting contacts by email or name was not working when index files were enabled
Fixed: Memory leak in MTA when filtering was used
Fixed: When importing contacts in webmail, the name is now copied to the fullname (only the firstname/lastname was imported before)
Fixed: Linefeeds in autosignature in webmail when composing in HTML weren't converted to HTML
Fixed: Server level agents for notification and cleanup were ignoring some value settings
Fixed: When updating a contact item in webmail the index was duplicating nodes (list did not look like it saved values)
Fixed: Clicking Delete Selected when in webmail with no items selected was producing error
Fixed: When created an appointment with invalid date in webmail it was generating error
Fixed: Speed improvements with filtering
Fixed: POP before SMTP authentication could fail is SMTP send was attempted too soon after every POP logon
Fixed: Importing text file to create mailboxes was not validating each email
Fixed: Enabling/disabling public folders on postoffice level was not affecting webmail
Fixed: Weren't able to access the root of public folder since if there were not subfolders in webmail
Fixed: When webmail timeout occurred on some pages in Enterprise skin it was reverting to trying the default skin
Fixed: Relaying for domains where authentication was required was not working
Fixed: Deleting messages through admin program was not removing DIRSIZE.TMP file so deleting to get under quota was not immediately working
Fixed: RFC822 tag for fetches in IMAP was not working
Fixed: 1.04 bug where directory entries could not be added
Fixed: MySQL database creation scripts would not work against MySQL running on Linux or similar
Fixed: Editing a mailbox in admin program was clearing the authentication description
Fixed: Not all log views were being sorted in admin program
Fixed: Multiple strings in an SPF TXT record were not being appended
Fixed: SPF was not always checking the correct TXT record for a domain
Fixed: Deliver junk to junk folder setting was indicating enabled for new postoffice when they are off by default
Fixed: AV was not using the replacement notification text for the select AV programs
Fixed: Processing multiple mailboxes filters at once could crash the postoffice connector service
Fixed: Prevent users from creating over the 100 global filter items
Fixed: SMTP options will check to make sure that the bad mail sender address is local
Fixed: Antivirus filter removed from mailbox filter as this can only be configured in global filters
Fixed: IMAP BODY.PEEK partial sends were giving full message (made MacMail slower when synching)
Fixed: Delivering to disabled or missing mailbox, then the email was going to overflow mailbox instead of bouncing
Fixed: SPF was checking null senders against local default domain instead of EHLO/HELO domain
Fixed: Management service logs weren't able to be deleted through admin program
Fixed: Moving message in mailbox filter was losing message if move could not be done
Fixed: Timeout registry settings for MTA pickup event set in install (pickup events were not being terminated if they ran too long)
Fixed: Pressing return on webadmin login pages submits the username/password
Fixed: Importing mailboxes from a text file will trim extra spaces around passwords and mailbox names
Fixed: o macro expansion in SPF was not being performed
Fixed: .SAV backups of config files were not using the backup rollover frequency registry setting to keep .SAVs under 7 days old
Fixed: Creation of Quota notifications messages by management service was not marking inbox as dirty
Fixed: Some combinations of foldernames with commas would cause page errors in webmail
Fixed: Clicking on email link when viewing plain text emails in webmail was using default base instead of enterprise
Fixed: MESPAMCMD was sitting in loop and wouldn't exit if merging or creating dictionary with empty spam/ham directories
Fixed: When replying to all in webmail, it was including all "To" addresses, and not removing the addresses asssigned to the mailbox
Fixed: On install, the program paths could not be changed
Fixed: ME_MEMBER_EMAIL substitution for list server was not working as the option could be be set. Autodetects this now.
Fixed: Subfolders could not be created in the Public folder through IMAP
Fixed: Changing postoffice connector logging options was not indicating a restart of the service was needed
Fixed: Web calendaring was not showing items for the last day in a month
Fixed: Using single attachments on HTML emails in the MEASP.DLL component was causing 2 copies of the body content to be included
Fixed: IMAP was introducing delay in IDLE command, which slowed down commands
Fixed: Certain formed message header could cause webmail to allocate huge amount of memory
Fixed: Large amount of recipients in outgoing command message for SMTP might not be processed
Fixed: HTML email filtering to remove scripts for webmail could affect iso-2022-jp email displays
Fixed: SF connector Debug log could show strange characters when a filter was actioned
Fixed: Not all mailbox criteria were being checked
Fixed: Autoresponders could reply to automated list messages (system generated list messages are marked as precedence list)
Fixed: When using webadmin as SYSADMIN it was indicating 0 lists could be defined
Fixed: Contact list when composing a message in webmail was not being sorted
Fixed: Large amount of headers for emails viewed in webmail was causing high CPU usage
Fixed: Possible crash or security exploit in HTTPMail service
Fixed: From/To/CC filtering checks were not working with external file word lists
Fixed: Checking for valid PTR for inbound connections in SMTP could reject connections when DNS failures/timeouts were occurring
Fixed: Some quoted printable encoded items could crash webmail (produced COM+ errors)
Fixed: Changing postoffice in Web administration for SYSADMIN users was not working under Firefox browser
Fixed: Quotes in that were in quoted printable encoded emails were not being displayed correctly in webmail
Fixed: MESPAMCMD prune dictionary option was not pruning
Fixed: Reverse DNS blacklisting was checking the first blacklist twice if it was enabled
Fixed: Log analyser utility was not reading logs if service log path changed after installation
Fixed: Importing contacts into webmail was not processing quoted commas
Fixed: Can now edit/delete POP retrieval items through webmail which have the % character in the username
Fixed: Clicking appointment in webmail calendar under Firefox was opening two windows
Fixed: SMTP service could crash on some inbound authentication attempts
Fixed: Some messages could not be viewed in Thunderbird with IMAP due to boundary format
Fixed: Partial sends for MIME sections in IMAP was starting from start of file
Fixed: Username which could not be decoded correctly in SMTP authentication was still being logged
Fixed: Possible message looping issue with filtering when action to copy message was used
Fixed: POP before SMTP could purge items from Connections directory too early
Fixed: Possible looping when filters were used on NDRs
Fixed: Reference path for IMAP LIST call was being ignored
Fixed: Partial sends on MIME sections could get the delivered size incorrect (caused PocketPC not to synchronize)
Fixed: Possible race condition issues with lock files when using Tab Delimited configuration
Fixed: Clicking cancel when changing destination directory on installation could cause repository directory to clear on next wizard page
Fixed: When deleting or moving emails in webmail, any temp files for the email is deleted to prevent orphan files
Fixed: Case consistency with inbox in IMAP was stopping Horde listing subfolders in Inbox
Fixed: Display name retrieval for some emails in IMAP could be incorrect and cause Horde 3.2.x to crash Apache
Fixed: Reconnecting database when using SQL Server configuration providers could crash a service to crash
Fixed: IMAP was not advertising the CHILDREN extension, though it was using it
Fixed: Editing lists via web administration when using a database could fail to load and save details

Release 1.04 - 27th January 2005

Added: List server will now do list confirmations
Added: Can specify whether to add Received header to POP Retrieval messages
Added: Postoffice cleanup agent can now do the Junk E-mail folder
Added: Can specify the time before sending the first delivery delay notification for SMTP
Added: Delay notifications will indicate how long the item will be retried for
Added: Can enable/disable filters for a mailbox in the admin program as well as webmail now
Added: Improved logging to help track pickup event message processing
Fixed: Possible webadmin error with directory listing
Fixed: Improved webmail message display
Fixed: Webmail was not adjusting for timezone correctly when indexing was enabled
Fixed: Indexing was getting date incorrect for messages arriving in January
Fixed: Indexing was removing flags when nodes were inserted on non ordered directory lists
Fixed: Index for list member table in MS SQL Server stopped members from being added
Fixed: Filtering administration for mailbox now restricts to the available actions
Fixed: Creating a filter in webmail may display a blank line action in administration program
Fixed: Binding postoffice to IP address was not working correctly for various services - HTTPMail, POP, IMAP
Fixed: Move message to Junk Mail folder action in webmail filter was moving to "Junk" instead of "Junk E-mail"
Fixed: Various IMAP fixes, including indexing
Fixed: When re-processing a message which has a header which matches a filter action that adds the same one the email contents were not being copied
Fixed: Mailbox cleanup agent admin was indicating it was only doing for mailboxes over quota
Fixed: SMTP Security option page in admin program was not prompting for service restart on some actions
Fixed: Posting to lists without any subject header was not posting to lists
Fixed: Webmail filtering will display message that a word list has been configured by the administrator
Fixed: Filters created for mailboxes in administration program weren't able to be deleted by webmail users
Fixed: If two filters matched criteria and first deleted and second forwarded, command files would be put into the bad mail folder
Fixed: Small memory loss on execute application filter action
Fixed: Filters were logging actions for matching filters after a filter before had deleted the action, even though the action was not done
Fixed: If notify recipient action in filtering was performed after a delete action and a template was used an exception error would appear in MTA logs

Release 1.03 - 2nd December 2004

Added: New action to be able to send notification to specified address
Changed: Replacement message option for cleaned email for AV is available again
Fixed: POP Retriever could timeout on email messages which contained ASCII 0
Fixed: Access violation occurring in POP Retriever
Fixed: Criteria in filters to check whether user had authenticated was always being met
Fixed: Bayesian check could cause exception in log when checking for some percentages
Fixed: Some characters in email headers could cause IMAP not to index the emails
Fixed: Notifying recipient in a filter when using template could leave blank file in queue

Release 1.02 - 30th November 2004

Added: SPF criteria to filter
Added: Checking for a virus as a filter criteria
Added: For all messages filter criteria
Added: Where the sender has authenticated as a filter criteria
Added: Where the originators IP address matches as a filter criteria
Added: Where the message is associated with a postoffice filter criteria
Added: Where the message is associated with a connector criteria
Added: Can use templates for notifications in filters
Added: Can specify an external word list file for word list criteria items
Added: Start/Stop popup menu for the management service
Added: Can set the friendly name for a mailbox through the administration program
Added: Lists the friendly name in the mailbox list
Changed: Moved the polling interval for server quota and purging into the respective configuration windows
Changed: NDRs which cannot be delivered are now deleted by default instead of being moved to bad mail
Fixed: Changing options for management service now prompts for service restart when needed
Fixed: Notifying sender for a filter was causing problems with subsequent actions
Fixed: IMAP SEARCH ALL command is a lot faster (was reading each message previously)
Fixed: IMAP STATUS command was giving more information than what was asked for
Fixed: Some IMAP commands passed to server would cause IMAP to go to 100% CPU
Fixed: Flags for messages could be lost with IMAP
Fixed: Wildcards on SMTP access when using database providers was not working
Fixed: Bayesian filter could crash on some email header configurations
Fixed: Changing the MTA thread count was not prompting for a restart of the service
Fixed: Large word lists with certain characters was causing problems for filters
Fixed: When group splits were occurring in postoffice connector, a group member was being skipped
Fixed: SMTP would add extra line in header if adding SPF header and also marking as bulk
Fixed: Editing lists through administration program could reset some of the previously changed settings
Fixed: IMAP crashing issues with incorrect requests passed to it
Fixed: Edit button for filter items in mailbox properties was not enabling
Fixed: SMTP could crash on some malformed command files (remailing could do this)
Fixed: Weren't able to see the criteria for filters created through webmail in the administration program
Fixed: Dictionary builder for Bayesian filter could lock up
Fixed: Importing contacts in webmail was populating home phone with email address
Fixed: Improved displaying quoted printable HTML emails in webmail

Release 1.01 - 12th November 2004

Fixed: UID SEARCH improved
Fixed: IMAP was not closing a BODYSTRUCTURE result for some messages without MIME items
Fixed: IMAP was indicating a request folder existed with the LIST command when it did not
Fixed: Importing VCFs created by webmail into Outlook was not working
Fixed: Indexing some types of contacts could fail
Fixed: Webmail was not allowing download of emails which were only attachment disposition
Fixed: After making a server a cluster server it was not always detecting it when the config screen was entered again

Release 1.00 - 3rd November 2004

Fixed: IMAP was not returning flags on some fetch types
Fixed: Various bodystructure fixes for IMAP
Fixed: When using database providers was not allowing you to save unlimited quota for mailboxes
Fixed: Quota notifications were not being sent correctly
Fixed: Setting default postoffice for website was not working for sites not running on default port
Fixed: Setting default postoffice for website may not work
Fixed: IMAP could crash for some messages when using Thunderbird client