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IMAP4 is a mail protocol that allows users to be disconnected from the main messaging system and still be able to process mail. Users can store messages on a local machine or on a server.

IMAP has distinct advantages over POP because it allows you manage multiple folders on the server. Mail can be accessed from different machines, as the mail is hosted on the server (unlike POP which deletes mail from the server after being accessed) and allows the user to just download message headers and envelope information, until the user selects the email to download. This is useful when operating over slow speed dial-up connections.

IMAP4 can break up and download specific parts of a multi-part email message (MIME). This means that instead of having to wait for an email with attachments to download, you can select only the text portion to download, and leave the attachments on the server.

IMAP4 allows you to have server hosted folders and subfolders.


Post Office Protocol. This is a mail protocol that enables emails to be retrieved from a remote mailbox. That is, it allows you to collect emails from an hosted account that you have hosted on a server to your own email software, such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird.

POP Retrieval

The POP Retrieval Service will download mail via POP from a remote POP server and deliver to a local mailbox. Users are able to configure their own settings from Webmail. This means you can retrieve your emails from different mail accounts and view it on their local mailbox without having to log in to each separate account.


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP is a protocol for transferring outgoing email messages from one server to another and also to accept email messages from other mail servers and email clients. SMTP is used with both POP3 and IMAP4.


Webmail is an email service that uses a web browser to allow viewing, sending, receiving, editing & deleting of email, just as you would with standard email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird. Webmail is ideal for mobile users because it allows you to access your email from anywhere, anytime with any computer connected to the Internet.

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Accessing Server-Side Calendars from Mobile Devices (CalDAV Support)

CalDAV allows leading email clients and mobile devices (including the Apple iPhone), to access MailEnable mailbox calendars. CalDAV is ideal for mobile users who wish to access and update their calendar in real time.

To configure CalDAV, the client is configured with a URL to point to the server calendar. It is also possible to configure CalDAV to access another user's calendar by specifying their calendar address in the URL. MailEnable Synchronization Service is responsible for providing CalDAV connectivity to MailEnable mailboxes over the HTTP protocol.

Accessing Server-Side Contacts from Mobile Devices (CardDAV Support)

CardDAV allows mobile devices to remotely access and manage contacts stored on the MailEnable server. Changes made to the contacts stored on the mobile device are automatically sent to the server; and changes made on the server are received and updated on the mobile device.

CardDAV is ideal for mobile users who wish to access and update their contacts in real time via their mobile device. MailEnable Synchronization Service is responsible for providing CardDAV connectivity to MailEnable mailboxes over the HTTP protocol.

Synchronizing Contacts/Tasks/Calendars with Mobile Devices (SyncML Support)

SyncML allows the synchronization of MailEnable calendar, tasks and contacts with mobile devices (phones, PDAs and Outlook). The SyncML server detects changes made to your contacts and prepares the updates for transmission to SyncML clients.

Likewise, changes made on your SyncML device are transacted to the server. MailEnable communicates with mobile devices via WBXML encapsulation, which reduces bandwidth and is supported by leading mobile handset providers.

Mail Services





List Server        
Web Administration        
Mobile Webmail        
CalDav & CardDAV        
POP Retrieval        
Server Storage/My Files        
Server Storage Publishing        
Mobile/Device Sync via SyncML (with WBXML)        
Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable *        
Cloud Storage (WebDAV Support)        
XCLIENT SMTP Extension        
SMS Connector        
LDAP Service        
Outlook MAPI Connectivity (limit of 20 mailboxes)        
Outlook MAPI Connectivity (unlimited mailboxes)        
Mobile Web Administration        

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