MailEnable Webmail Server

Webmail is an email service that uses a web browser to allow viewing, sending, receiving, editing & deleting of email, just as you would with standard email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird. Webmail is ideal for mobile users because it allows you to access your email from anywhere, anytime with any computer connected to the Internet.

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HTML Editing & Viewing

View or edit HTML emails in Webmail to add colour and expression to your email.

Multilingual Capabilities & Spell Checking

MailEnable Webmail supports the following languages - English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Other languages are supported by a translation utility.

Webmail also supports spell checking in multiple languages.
MailEnable Webmail - Enterprise Edition
MailEnable Webmail - Calendar


Webmail Calendar allows you to manage your appointments via drag & drop and inline editing. It also supports calendar overlays to allow simultaneous viewing (side-by-side) of shared calendars.

With powerful synchronization technology such as the MAPI Connector for Outlook, CalDAV and SyncML for mobile devices (eg. iPhones, iPads, Androids and PDA's), your appointments are synchronized automatically wherever you are, and always up to date.

Contacts & Groups

Webmail provides the ability to manage all your contacts and groups in your web browser, just as you would with standard email clients. You can add/delete contacts, or import existing contacts from other email clients like Outlook, as CSV files.

Webmail also provides the ability to add pictures to contacts, which can also be synchronized across Outlook and mobile devices via MAPI Connector, CardDAV, or SyncML services. Contact pictures can be associated with entries in the global directory, and users are able to update their directory image and contact details under Options in Webmail.

When the mouse cursor hovers over the address field in the message header of the preview pane, an Inline Contact Card will appear, overlaying above the message header,
MailEnable Webmail - Contacts
displaying a quick snapshot of the contact details, including the contact picture. If the sender address does not exist in the Address Book, then the Inline Contact Card also provides other action buttons, such as Compose New Email, View Contact Details, or Add to Whitelist.

Learn more about MailEnable contacts & groups

Device Aware

Webmail is also device-aware, and will optimize its interface to better suit the client browser. The Webmail application attempts to detect touch-screen clients (like the Apple iPhone and iPad), and will adapt its interface to adjust resolution and change its scroll behaviour.

Export Contacts

Users can now export all their contacts as a CSV file (Outlook compatible format) with a simple click of a button. Extra contact fields are also supported for imports.

Learn more about exporting contacts

Appointment Scheduling & Invitations

Like Outlook, MailEnable Webmail Calendar allows users to setup & send appoinment invitations. You can schedule a meeting with others in the office, and they will receive an invitation in their inbox. They then have the option to deny your invitation, suggest another time that suits them better, or accept, in which case the appointment is immediately added in to their calendar.

From your meeting invitation in your calendar, you can track the responses of the participants you sent invitations to. See how many people you are expecting, and whether a critical person is unable to attend so you can reschedule if necessary.
MailEnable Webmail - Appointment Scheduling
MailEnable Webmail - Free & Busy Status

Free & Busy Scheduling

When you are scheduling a meeting with a group of people, it can be difficult to find a time that works for everyone. The MailEnable server can lookup and present to you a view of the free and busy status of all the attendees, so you can find a time slot where everyone is free, without having to go through the tedious, frustrating and lengthy process of sending out the invitations, waiting for the responses, suggesting alternative times, and rescheduling repeatedly.


Manage your projects & daily tasks by documenting them in Webmail Tasks. Track each task by inputting start and due dates, importance and sensitivity. You can easily update statuses and monitor percentage of completion of tasks.

Tasks are automatically synchronized with Outlook via the MAPI Connector, and can also be synchronized with mobile devices (eg. iPhones, Androids and PDAs) via SyncML.
MailEnable Webmail - Tasks

Multiple File Download & Other Enhancements

The WebMail client also includes some usability extensions like multiple file download and improved screen rendering.

The ability to drop RFC822 messages into a folder and have them routed to their destination.

Developers can now simply drop mail messages into a system folder and MailEnable will inspect the headers and dispatch them.

Send Contact as vCard Attachment

Users can now send a contact card from contacts in their Address Book.

A simple right-click on a contact allows the option to send the contact as a vCard. This will then open up the compose screen, and a new message will be created automatically containing the vCard as an attachment, and ready to be sent.

Learn more about vCard attachment
MailEnable Webmail - Notes


MailEnable WebMail, ActiveSync and MAPI now all support Notes. Notes created within WebMail, MAPI or ActiveSync are now stored on the Server and are published and pushed to remote clients.

Identities & List-Unsubscribe

Webmail has the ability to setup multiple signatures, sender and reply addresses through identities. Identities is integrated with Mailbox sharing and resources, so you can reply to emails using an appropriate email signature.

When you receive e-mails from bulk mailers, MailEnable will now utilize the List-Unsubscribe feature and allow you to unsubscribe within the Webmail interface.

Spam Filtering

Guard your inbox from unwanted junk mail using anti-spam features including SPF, Bayesian Filtering and URL Blacklist Content Filtering, which prevents spammers 'forging' email addresses to send spam. Other anti-spam features include DNS blacklisting, global filtering, PTR record checking and much more.

Learn more about MailEnable anti-spam & security
MailEnable Webmail - Spam Filtering
MailEnable Webmail - Set Out-of-Office Date or Time

Set Out-of-Office Start/End Date & Time

Users can now set a start/end date and time for their autoresponder, to more accurately target a specific time frame where they want to activate the autoresponder.

This feature is available in Webmail as well as for the Outlook/MAPI Connector.

Improved Smarthosting

Postoffices/Domains that are bound to an IP address can now be configured to smarthost all the outbound email for that domain to the one remote host.

My Files

My Files is a server hosted file storage feature available from MailEnable Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. The MAPI connector integrates with this feature, providing access through Outlook to your My Files storage on the server. Your files will be listed in Outlook, with easy preview capability of most file types, including images, video, audio and office documents.

Perhaps the best thing about this feature is the ease of uploading files from your desktop computer to the mail server, via Outlook. You can simply drag and drop a file from your computer disk onto the My Files store in Outlook to send it to your mail account.

If you have just imported a set of photos from your digital camera onto your computer, you can select them all, and with one drag of the mouse, host them all on your My Files area. And of course, when you connect to your account in Webmail, all your newly uploaded files will appear there.
Video: MAPI Connector - My Files
MailEnable Webmail - File Viewer

File Viewer

The File Viewer user interface provides users with a rich and enhanced experience when previewing files (in particular images) that have been published via MailEnable Webmail.

Users will now be able to zoom in/out of an image, automatically resize it to fit the current window size, reset it to its original size (100%), and change the background color for a better contrasting viewing effect.

Inline YouTube Player

When users receive messages that contain YouTube video links, Webmail will detect these links, then automatically create selectable thumbnail previews. Users can then click on these thumbnail links, and play the video right there in the message body!

Webmail's embedded YouTube Player integrates full video control, including play, pause, adjust volume, view in fullscreen buttons.
Video: Inline YouTube Player
Video: MP3 Media Player

MP3 Media Player

Webmail has been enhanced to allow interactive inline streaming of audio files (MP3's). Messages containing MP3 file attachments can now be previewed and streamed instantaneously within the Webmail client.

Users are also able to preview and stream MP3 files directly from their "My Files" storage folders.

The MP3 Media Player will stay appeared on an unobtrusive position in Webmail, to allow the user to multitask and continue doing other activities in Webmail whilst listening to MP3's, such as viewing/composing messages, create appointments, contacts, and tasks.

This feature requires the Adobe® Flash® Player for web browsers to be installed on the client machine.

Public Folders

Public folders are visible to all IMAP users in a specific postoffice, thereby allowing information to be stored centrally and made available to everyone on the system. This might include documentation on policy and procedures or internal memos.

Learn more about public folders

Sharing & Collaboration

Collaborate with other Webmail users by easily connecting to other user's resources, including calendar, contacts, mailboxes and folders with granted access. Webmail provides the ability to configure sharing permissions, you can even grant full write access to persons such as a secretary or personal assistant.

Add Recipients as New Contacts After Sending

Webmail now provides the ability to add new recipient contacts to their Address Book after sending a message.

When this option is enabled (via "Options>Mail"), Webmail will prompt the user whether to quickly add any recipient contacts that are not already in the Address Book as new contacts, after a message has been sent.

Users have the ability to specify which email addresses to add when sending messages to multiple recipients, and can also quickly input first/last names for these new contacts on the spot.
Video: Add Recipients as New Contacts
Video: Force Spell Check Before Send

Force Spell Check Before Send

Webmail now has the ability to enforce spellchecking for every e-mail before it is sent.

When this option is enabled (via "Options>Mail"), the "Send" button on the message compose page will change to "Check Spelling".

Only when the spellchecking process has been completed, the user will then be able to send off the email.

Server administrators will also have the ability to force spell-checking for all mailboxes, via settings in the MailEnable administration program.


MailEnable Webmail allows users to personalize their interface by customizing background watermarks, and the ability to configure opacity and position of the background image. Users can also upload images to their My Files storage location and use these images as background watermarks.

Learn more about personalizing MailEnable Webmail
MailEnable Webmail - Personalization

End-User Statistics & Reporting

Users are able to review their mailbox activity via detailed report and activity graphs. These are available within the Webmail interface, and provide feedback to users in an attractive format. With this new feature, Webmail users can visually analyze their email input and output.

Webmail Features





Drag & drop messages into folders        
Virtual message lists that don't require page selection        
Auto-complete for addressing        
Keyboard shortcuts        
Right click items for actions (e.g. rename, mark as unread)        
Save message as draft        
Read receipts        
New message notification        
Quota usage display        
Compose/view messages in separate windows        
Select the page that is displayed on log-in        
Support for various e-mail character sets        
Multi-lingual (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)        
Print messages        
View message headers        
Change passwords        
View HTML e-mails        
Compose HTML e-mail messages        
Auto Signature        
Sub folders        
Search by subject, content and sender        
Bottom and right side preview mode        
View images attached to a message in a slideshow        
Download source of message        
Personal Contacts        
Personal Calendar        
Personal Tasks        
Appointment Scheduling & Invitations        
Free & Busy        
Inline YouTube Player (Thumbnails & Previews)        
MP3 Media Player (Stream MP3 Files)        
Multiple File Download        
Summary page outlining mailbox status        
Appointment messages have their own icon        
Add appointment requests direct to calendar        
Contact Groups        
Import contacts from Outlook & Outlook Express        
Mailbox redirection        
POP Retrieval        
Spell-checker (multi-lingual)        
Mailbox level spam rules        
Add Recipients as New Contacts After Sending        
Export Contacts        
Send Contact as vCard Attachment        
Spell Check Before Send        
Password recovery        
Mailbox, Calendar and Contact sharing        
Edit own directory details from within webmail        
Configure webmail layout per domain        
Configure webmail skin per domain        
Global Contacts        
Public Folders        
Mailbox level content filtering        
Force Spell Check for Postoffice        
Force Spell Check for Server        
New Mobile Webmail        
Identities (Multiple Send & Reply Addresses, Multiple Signatures)        
Notes (Webmail, ActiveSync, MAPI)        
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