Two Identities in Outlook

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Two Identities in Outlook

Post by MarkM » Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:43 am

Good Day,

We have upgraded to Enterprise v8.51 and have been able to have two domains linked to one mailbox (e.g. DomainWidgets01 and Domain02).

In the web client, We have created two identities with two signature blocks that will reply for the correct domain. If an email is received for DomainWidgets01, when that email is replied to that the corresponding signature block for DomainWidgets01 is attached.

So now in trying to take this to the next step and have the same functionality in Outlook with the IMAP conversion but we are running into some problems.

Our mail server is but the two domain user are and When we are trying to set up the email accounts, in the Message Service Configuration we put in the email for and password and click resolve it populates the server address as but our email arrives via so we change the Server address to Enable advanced configuration and change the ports to 993 with SSL and outgoing to 465 with SSL. When I try and OK to these settings I get and error that it can not connect to the server.

Is anyone else trying to do this and have you had any success? Thank you for any suggestions.

Mark M.

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