Flagged emails are not synchronizing

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Flagged emails are not synchronizing

Post by dcn » Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:24 pm

I’m using V2.23 of the Outlook Connector and Outlook 2013.
I’ve setup a shared mailbox. Several users have full-access rights to that mailbox, via the Outlook Connector.
One user do have access via webmail

All changes made by the webmail users are synchronized in real-time to the Outlook clients.
Changes are marking emails 'read/unread’, ‘flag/unflag’ or ‘Fwd/Reply’

But, those changes made by the Outlook clients (MAPI) are not synchronized to the other Outlook clients. It only updates after restarting Outlook.
However the webmail client is updated after a refresh of the folder where the email resides.

Any suggestions how to solve this?


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