How to send from selected email address

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How to send from selected email address

Post by accell » Fri Jun 19, 2015 1:30 am


First time here. Am evaluating MailEnable Enterprise Premium (Version 9 beta) with the Outlook Connector Looks great and 99% sure it is for us.

We have 4 domains. Many users have an email address on each domain. To keep it simple I would like to set up one post office and allocate the 4 domains to it - most of the mail boxes will then clear mail for more than one address. All easy.

My problem is that when the user wants to send an email or reply they need to appear to come from the appropriate domain/address. I have spent a lot of time searching and can find no solution so either there isn't one or the answer is so basic that no-one talks about it!

Any help appreciated.


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