MailEnable's Connector for Microsoft Outlook provides a rich messaging and collaborative interface to MailEnable.
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Post by Green » Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:43 am

I just want to send a congrats to ME for their Connector 2 and especially the latest one with the Out of Office etc. It is a huge improvement over the previous versions and also a lot more stable irw timeouts.

One suggestion, please add the function that users can set themselves via both connector and web their authentication locations, i.e. from which countries they may or may not authenticate, just as they currently set their Out of Office. This way, they can manage their overseas vacation times themselves and temporarily open to new countries. In fact, ME may even consider making it part of the Out of Office or at least to work the same, e.g. you can add your vacation/business country temporarily but it may automatically revert to defaults after the end date specified - this way the end user does not forget to close the security hole again.

ME Ent Pre 9.62
WinOS 2012R2

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